The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course (video course)

$ 19.95

So you can't make a pie crust to save your life.

Or you can make a passable one, but your results are anything but consistent. Your crust falls apart. It shrinks. It tears to shreds when you try get it into your pan.

Or it tastes like cardboard. What's a baker to do?

Get this video course, and fast! It holds all the secrets for making the perfect pie crust...the secrets you never knew about...the secrets that will change your pie making life forever.

Like how to roll a perfectly round pie crust.

The best way to get your pie crust in the pan - in one piece!

Why chilling your dough will solve 90% of your pie crust woes.

And tons more, all demonstrated by the Dean of The Pie Academy himself, Ken Haedrich, in a casual, hand-holding, you-can-do-this style.

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