Soup Makes the Meal

$ 17.95

Soup Makes the Meal - 150 Soul-Satisfying Recipes for Soups, Salads, and Breads

by Ken Haedrich

Ken Haedrich is best known for his pie and baking cookbooks, but his reputation as an accomplished cook is not limited to pies alone. 

In Soup Makes the Meal, Ken puts another of his loves - homemade breads - at the center of what he calls his favorite meal: soup, salad, and bread.

Arranged by season, Soup Makes the Meal features 50 themed menus that take the reader through an entire year of great meals. The menus are as irresistible and captivating as they are delectable. 

In one of his summer menus called Herbs Take Center Stage, he leads with a Summery Cream of Spinach Soup...serves it with a basketful of Rosemary Semolina Scones...and adds a hearty side dish of Fresh Pea Salad with Dill. 

He builds a summer menu around peaches, featuring a Chilled Creamy Peach Yogurt Soup, and another around tomatoes including a novel and notable Tomato Upside-Down Bread.

In the words of noted cookbook author Judith Fertig, Soup Makes the Meal is “...a wonderful book and you should take time to savor his seasonal soups, breads, and salads that delight your five senses. And when you’ve finished your meal, you’ll feel nurtured, body and soul.”

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