Le Creuset 9” Tart Dish

$ 33.00

We’re suckers for just about any pretty tart pan or tart dish, but we’re really suckers when it comes to these attractive ruffled 9” stoneware beauties from Le Creuset. 

If you think like we do - that bakeware should be both good looking and durable - this is your sort of pan. We use ours year round for seafood and vegetable quiches in the summer and fall, and fruit tarts in the fall and winter. A favorite cherry tart of ours gets baked in one of these dishes, as you’ll see in the photo.

(You can find the recipe here: http://thepieacademy.com/cherry-almond-coffeecake-tart/

The sides of this dish measure about 1 1/4” (inside measurement) and we usually pinch the edge of our pastry up a little higher to accommodate plenty of filling. 

Bring this stylish dish to any brunch or dinner table; it’ll fit right in. 

Currently available in cherry red and white only.