4” x 4” Individual Pie Box

$ 12.00

When Ken makes small, individual size pies, he’ll often make them in muffin pans – either the standard or large size cups. This scaled-down box is just the thing for holding one pretty little muffin-size pie of your own, or other small pie. (Works great for muffins or cupcakes, too.)  Just line one of these with parchment or wax paper and you’re ready to go.

Like our other boxes, these are shipped flat and ready to fold. We provide enough red and white bakery twine to tie off each box.

Each box measures 2 1/2″ tall by 4″ square.

$12 per dozen (includes red and white bakery twine)

Pie boxes are sold only by the dozen, with a minimum order of any two dozens. Price shown is the cost per dozen.