Autumn Scene Pie Box

$ 22.00

We're crazy about this new addition to our popular pie box line, and you will be too.

Each box measures 10" by 10" by 2 1/2" tall - big enough, in other words, to accommodate the most generous of pies for gift giving. 

The top has a clear cellophane window and is die-cut with the beautiful autumn scene you see here - but we think this is the perfect pie box for gift giving no matter the season. 

Now here's a thought: turn these boxes into a special craft project for you, your kids or grandkids, adding personal touches like stickers, beads, cutouts and decals. Not only will they get to bake a pie with you, but they'll be delighted to design the box it goes in. Pretty cool! (We've included a couple of examples in the photos here, so you can get the idea.)

$22.00 for a dozen