6” x 6” Two-Slice Box (or Small Pie Box)

$ 14.00

Sometimes one slice to go is just not enough. That’s when you reach for one of our 6″x 6″ pie boxes. Line these with your own parchment sheets or wax paper and you’re ready to drop in two delectable slices of your best apple pie, chess pie, garden quiche, or individual pot pie – whatever’s on the menu.

These one-piece boxes are shipped flat and are quickly assembled with a few folds. We provide enough red and white bakery twine to tie them off, but the top of the box is a blank canvas just waiting for your personal flourish.

Each box measures 2 3/4″ tall, by 6″ square.

$12 per dozen (which includes red and white bakery twine)

Pie boxes are sold only by the dozen, with a minimum order of any two dozens. Price shown is the cost per dozen.