10” x 10” Whole Pie Box

$ 18.00

If you’ve ever given someone a gift of an entire pie, then you know the rewards far outweigh the effort. The gift of a pie can touch someone deeply, turn a blue day into a blessed one. It can provide sustenance to a grieving family and provide a great way to “pie it forward” or return a favor.

But a whole pie needs to travel in style, arrive well protected and ready-to-behold. That’s why you need our 10″x 10″ Whole Pie Boxes. This box holds one generous pie and keeps it safe in transit. The clear cellophane top window shows off your masterpiece without undue suspense.

Like all of our boxes, these one-piece boxes are shipped flat and can be assembled in seconds. We provide enough red and white bakery twine to tie off each box.

Each box measures 2 1/2″ tall by 10″ square.

$18 per dozen (includes red and white bakery twine)

Pie boxes are sold only by the dozen, with a minimum order of any two dozens. Price shown is the cost per dozen.