Comfort Food

$ 19.95

Just released in fall of 2014, Comfort Food is - in the words of author Ken Haedrich - "jam packed with the kind of dishes we really want to eat. This isn't hip food, the next big thing, or food that will challenge you intellectually. It's food that shoots straight for your taste buds and soul, and hits a bullseye every time."

Haedrich ought to know: he's spent the better part of his life in and around kitchens, testing and chronicling America's favorite dishes, from meatloaves to mac-and-cheese and everything in between.

Comfort Food is the distillation of Ken's research as cook and writer. Here you will find his best renditions of classics like Baked Stuffed Clams and Hot Crab Dip, but he has a flair for recasting familiar themes in new and surprising ways. Hot Buffalo Chicken and Cheese Dip makes an appearance.

He serves up meatloaf steeped in tradition, and another with a distinct Southwestern chipotle accent. He gives Shrimp Scampi a facelift with artichoke hearts. And he poaches eggs on top of his ratatouille. He's a traditionalist at heart, but doesn't mind stepping on tradition's toes for the sake of a great new dish.

Baked potatoes are here - but scaled down for kids and party throwers: his Baked Stuffed Creamer Potatoes are bite size nuggets jazzed up with onion, garlic, sour cream, Parmesan and mustard. Heavenly! His other vegetable treatments are equally alluring: Slow Cooked, Smoky Southern Collards; Cheddar and Corn Pudding with Green Chilies; Tomato Stewed Kale; Cheese Stuffed Baked Tomatoes; Bacon Braised Cabbage; and Firehouse Potatoes. Indeed, the Vegetables chapter of Comfort Food is one of the books most impressive pieces of real estate.

There are stews and soups, pot pies and quiche, casseroles and pastas, pizza, salads galore, burgers with meat and without, yeast breads, his beloved desserts and so more. Like the jacket copy says, Comfort Food is "every dish you love, and every recipe you want." 

In all, more than 200 recipes on 288 pages, most of them graced with stunning, full color photos by acclaimed photographer Becky Luigart-Stayner. A high-quality trade paperback, no collection of cookbooks is truly complete without it. 

Ken will gladly autograph your copy and inscribe it for the recipient. Just let us know.