Apple Pie

$ 14.95

Apple Pie - 100 Delicious and Decidedly Different Recipes for America’s Favorite Pie

by Ken Haedrich

Ken - a former winner of The Julia Child Cookbook Award and one of America’s foremost baking authorities - first fell in love with apple pie as a boy, watching his mom and dad bake apple pie on Sunday afternoons.

Apple Pie pays tribute to those pies of his youth - and dozens more - in this collection that food writer and blogger David Lebovitz called “...the ultimate guide to apple pie.”

There are Haedrich’s incredibly tasty renditions of the usual double crust and crumb topped fruit pies. But that’s just the tip of the apple pie iceberg. 

There’s his Farm-Style Buttermilk Pie with Fried Apple Rings; Blushing Apple Applesauce Pie; Almond Custard Pie, inspired by a recipe in one of his favorite French cookbooks; apple pie in a savory Cheddar cheese crust, and another with a gingerbread topping. 

All this, with detailed information on how to make the best pie pastry; a thorough section on choosing an apple variety for your pies; and lots of informative sidebars and asides to enhance your understanding of the pie making process.

Ken is happy to personally inscribe your copy. Just let us know who the recipient is.